Client Story May 2014

By giving, you change lives….and you save them.

Lacy’s a college student in her early 20’s. She came to Woman to Woman to get more information on abortion. Why? TheCouple taking photos. baby’s father was pressuring her to make that decision. It wasn’t necessarily her desire, but pressure from a boyfriend or any trusted friend can result in abortion. It’s been known to happen.

The volunteer and staff encouraged and empowered Lacy with accurate information about abortion and abortion procedures.  She was encouraged, also, to give things a little more time — time to wrap her mind around the positive pregnancy test and avoid making an impulsive decision based on fear or emotion.

Now armed with truth, as Lacy was giving herself time to think about her pregnancy, she was able to help the baby’s father to come to a desire to keep the baby. In fact, he is now hoping for a boy.

Recently, they arrived for the ultrasound where they saw their 9-week old baby displaying some wiggling skills while they listened to a beautiful heartbeat. Now, they are excited about parenting.

Lacy’s exit survey:  “You guys are great. Wish you had doctors so I wouldn’t have to go anywhere else.”

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