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Living Choices is blessed to be in several North Texas middle and high schools, presenting the sexual health program to  over 2,000 students each school year from 6th grade to 12th grade. Students are thirsty for truthful and honest information. The majority of them want to make healthy choices for their life but they need the guidance. We at Living Choices get that awesome opportunity to empower them and deliver a strong message that will provide them with facts and positive tools. Living Choices puts emphasis on the sharing of accurate, up-to-date health information and providing students with skills essential to successfully confront the pressures before them to become sexually active. Most of our curriculum comes from WAIT Training, from which students learn


  • Personality types and improving communication
  • How to recognize the marketing strategies of the media
  • Clever, confident ways to say “no” to sexual activity
  • Vital information and skills for friendship, dating and compatibility
  • The truth; that everybody is Not doing it (about half of high school students are still virgins)
  • How to dream and make plans for the future, and then live in the present to achieve those goals
  • Practical steps for forming healthy boundaries and respectful, healthy relationships
  • The physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual risks of sexual activity
  • Skills on how to return to abstinence once sexually active

Living Choices is a high energy, fun positive initiative that empowers students to make healthy life choices and gives them a toolbox full of tools to resist the sexually saturated culture. Being apart of this organization, whether financially, volunteering, or just praying, you are making a huge impact on students locally.

For more information, contact us at: or (940) 383-3150 x323

Learn more about the Living Choices Program Manager, Stephen LaBonte here.

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