Kroger Community Rewards

What do funds from the Kroger Community Rewards program mean to Woman to Woman and our comm_rewardscommunity?

Our share of the total paid to non-profits in Texas and Louisiana provided enough funds over the last three years for 39 ultrasounds so that abortion-vulnerable women can have the life of their babies verified. The sonogram is often used by God to reveal truth – so much so that about 85%of those who see the sonogram decide to carry their child. So we can confidently say that this program has helped us save 33 babies from abortion over the last three years. Because our local supporters shopped at Kroger.

How you can keep Kroger in the ultrasound business: 1. Link your Kroger Plus card to Woman to Woman at the  Kroger Community Rewards Site. If the link doesn’t work, copy and paste this into your browser:

After you sign in, you will see a form where you can look up Woman to Woman by number, enter “91176” and select Woman to Woman to  choose us as your organization and save it to your Plus card:


2. Shop at Kroger and use your Plus card when you pay.  learn more about Kroger Community Rewards This year (2015-2016), the program becomes effective August 1, 2015 and terminates July 31, 2016. You can sign up any time now and you must sign up this year for your card to be linked to Woman to Woman – even if you participated in the program in previous years. You may remember the bar code in years past that you could take to Kroger and link your Plus card with Woman to Woman. No can do. Not this year. It must be done on-line.

Woman to Woman is blessed to have your support. Please let me know if you have any questions about the Kroger Community Rewards Program.
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